Three Cliffs Bay

Gower, Wales                                                                              Photos by Hetty

12th May 2018                                                                            Map of walk

On our way home from Pembrokeshire, we parked at the Gower Heritage Centre and waked through the woods, which were full of wild garlic

We passed North Hills Farm and we went round to a viewpoint overlooking Three Cliffs Bay, where the tide was out

We went down, then up a steep sandy path to the top of Penmaen Burrows.

This was a church which was covered by sand in the 14th century

Burial chamber

Overlooking Oxwich Bay

Lots of bluebells

Three Cliffs Bay

There was a Norman castle on this mound

Hetty’s sand art

Then we followed the stream back to the Heritage Centre

Pennard Castle upon the cliffs

back to the wood

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