Stroud, Gloucestershire                                        All photos by Hetty

30th December 2020

Randwick church to the woods

Ash Lane


View to the River Severn

An ancient track towards Gloucester


A walk from Stroud to Randwick

15th April 2020                         5 miles      Map of walk

We walked through Stratford Park up to Farmhill then down through the fields to the brook and up through Randwick to the woods – top right

We reach Randwick

Former chapel

Old Chapel

A footpath goes by the school and through the playground

to the church

The views are lovely. We could see Ebley Mill and Selsley

Looking over Stroud to the Heavens

Then a walk through the woods

The trees are green now

Flowers in the woods

Over the other side is Haresfield Beacon

There are lots of bluebells

Then back down the fields and up to Farmhill

View to Painswick from Callowell


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