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10th August 2017                    Spetchley Park Gardens website           Historic Houses Association – free to friends

There are lots of gardens to wander around, with herbaceous borders, follies, statues, lakes and many unusual plants and trees. The free audio-guides are very good.

The estate has been owned by the Berkeley family since 1605. The current mansion was built in 1811 in Palladian style

This church is near the mansion. It originated in the 13th century, the nave and chancel are 14th century, and the the south chapel and the tower were added in the 17th century

Monument to Sir Rowland Berkeley, who died in 1611, and his wife Katherine. They had 15 children

Tomb chest of Sir Robert Berkeley (died in 1656)

One of two ancient chests

The stableyard

The Cart Sheds

The Sovereign Coach

Some herbaceous borders have unusual plants

The horse pool

One of the gardeners?

Heron Pond


Stag in the kitchen garden

Multicoloured hydrangeas

Lovely reflections in the lake



The Root House- the uprights are tree roots

Inside the Root House

In the rose garden is a heliochronometer – a sundial that tells standard mean time (by computing a correction from local real time, via a mechanical mechanism).

Grapes outside

Grapes in a greenhouse

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