Gemona del Friuli

North-east Italy

September 10th 2016                                           Photos by Hetty

This town, surrounded by mountains, was devastated by earthquakes in 1976 and has been rebuilt. They are still rebuilding the castle.

View from the railway station


We walked up and entered the medieval town via Porta Udine – 15th century – next to the cathedral


Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption – The church and bell tower are 14th century. The 14th century façade amazingly survived the earthquake.  The huge statue is Saint Christopher; nine statues represent the Epiphany; the central rose-window is magnificent. The bell tower has been completely rebuilt



s1050419-copy15th-century wooden Crucifix found after the earthquake




As it is the 4oth anniversary of the earthquake, there was a photographic exhibition showing the damage immediately after the earthquake. Apart from the reminders they have left, you wouldn’t know it had happened.

s1050424-copyPalazzo Boton, the Town Hall, built in 1502

s1050425-copyView south, down the valley

s1050426-copyYou can climb up to the gardens of the castle, which have been renovated, and there is a wonderful panoramic view.


s1050430-copy s1050431-copy s1050432-copy s1050433-copy

St. Anthony’s Sanctuary


The sanctuary was rebuilt in modern style and inside it preserves the ruins of the thirteenth century small church

s1050434-copy s1050435-copy

Afterwards we returned to Udine

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Trip details (if you are planning a visit – check times):

SAF Bus Latisanotta (8.42) to Udine (9.50)

SAF Bus Udine (11.00) to Gemona railway station (11.59) (Train was not running that morning


Train Gemona (16.40) to Udine (16.59)

SAF Bus Udine (18.00) to Latisanotta (19.15)

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