Thursday 18th September 2014                                                           All photos by Hetty

We caught the train from Copenhagen airport across the Oresund Bridge to Sweden.

The Ystad tourist office has a leaflet – A historical walk through Ystad

Information about Ystad

For map of our walk click here  Distance  4.2 miles      Walk time 3 hours 20 mins

Ystad is now famous for fictional police detective Kurt Wallander, but originated as a Danish fishing settlement early in the 12th century, and became Swedish in 1658.

Hotel Continental 1829. The square in front was used in the 17th century to hold oxen  before loading them onto ships

Ystad’s theatre, originated in 1894

Cannon found in the harbour

Norra Promenaden – early 19th park

Anglahuset is the town’s most ornate half-timbered building – mid 16th century – with decorative brickwork….

…. garlands and angelic faces

16th century Brahehurset

S:ta Maria Kyrka (St Mary’s Church) c.1200 with tower  rebuilt 1706

Altar 15th centuryLatinskolan – first college in Ystad, with 16th century blind tracery

Backahasten sculpture 1928Apoteksgargen

Garvarehuset 18th century

Klostret – a monastery, established 1267 (when it was a Danish town), was part demolished at the reformation in 1532, the eastern wing was a hospital until 1777, then a distillery, then grain store. It was bought by the town in 1876 and restored 1909-1912. The Abbey was a church until 1960 and now is a museum.

The monastery pond

Monastery gardens


Pilgrandshuset 1480

Per Halsas Gard is a complete block of half-timbered houses

with a cobbled stone courtyard

Train and bus station together, by the harbour

Next – Malmo

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