Seceda to St Christina

Val Gardena, Dolomites, Italy                                                                       map of Val Gardena

Monday 16th June 2014, day 11                                                                    All photos by Hetty

Map of first walk     Seceda to Col Raiser, 3.5 miles, 3h 10min               Start of Val Gardena holiday

First hike details: Track 1 to Troier Hutte 2271m, then Regensburger Hutte 2040m. Track 4 to Col Raiser 2106m

Second walk: St Christina to St Ulrich 3.2 miles, 2h 10 mins

Our routes are in yellow


We took the two-stage cable car from St Ulrich to Seceda.

S1050811 copyS1050812 copy

The cable car station is at 2456m, and we walked up to the cross at 2518m = 8260 feet.

S1050814 copy

We should have been able to see Sassolungo (Langkofel), but we were up in the clouds and saw it later, lower down.

S1050815 copy

S1050816 copy

S1050817 copy

Looking down on Resciesa, where we walked yesterday.S1050823 copy

S1050832 copy

S1050834 copy

S1050836 copy

We are walking down there to another cable car. S1050841 copy

S1050842 copy

Troier HutteS1050844 copy

S1050845 copy

S1050847 copy

S1050855 copy

S1050856 copy

We came from up thereS1050863 copy

S1050864 copy

S1050865 copy

The cable car station at Col Raiser

S1050870 copy

S1050872 copy

S1050873 copy

S1050876 copy

Cable car to St Christina

S1050868 copy


On the way down by cable car to St Christina

S1050880 copyS1050884 copy

St Christina has pretty housesS1050885 copy

and a life-size model of the nativityS1050888 copy

S1050889 copy

S1050890 copy

We walked back to St Ulrich along the former railway track

Thursday 19th June

As it was cloudy at the top on Monday, and we had a cable car pass, we went back up to Seceda and down again on Thursday, when the weather was better.

Going upS1051150 copy

S1051155 copy

St UlrichS1051156 copy

Looking northS1051192 copy

We saw a marmotS1051187 copy

S1051191 copy


We will go up to that flat green area across the valley nextS1051194 copy

Coming down againS1051211 copy

S1051212 copy

Next day

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