Verzasca valley

next to Locarno, Switzerland                           Photos by Hetty

June 2013

Day 8 of our holiday in Locarno – The Collina Alta Path

We climbed up to Collina Alta path and walked to Contra and the dam

12.6km = 7.9 miles, ascent 1166 ft, descent 1500 ft

then to the dam in the Verzasca valley and down to Tenero

Looking down from the dam

Bungee jumping from the dam

The river in Tenero


Day 9

Val Verzasca   13.4km = 8.4 miles

We took the bus to Sonogno with its communal oven

Through a deserted hamlet with a communal oven


There were several picnic huts

Walk to Lavertezzo. The water was emerald green

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