Painswick mills

Gloucestershire                                                                                Photos by Hetty

30th July 2018                                    with Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology

On our way to see some mills, we passed the 17th century spectacle stocks

The Painswick Hotel started life in the late 1700s and was extended in the early 1900s to be the vicarage. In the 1950s it became a hotel and has had several names.

Wool drying tower

Quaker Meeting House, built early 1700s, modified late 1700s, closed 1894, re-opened 1952

Lovedays Mill– cloth mill then corn mill

Brookhouse Mill – cloth mill and dye house, then umbrella stick factory, then corn mill, then hairpin mill

Cap Mill – cloth then pins then saw mill

Skinners Mill was a corn mill (never a cloth mill)

The central part is from the late 1300s


Kings Mill– the older (left) part was rebuilt in 1818 as a cloth mill. The right side was built as a pin mill after 1860 – it made pins until about 1920

An interesting evening

More pictures of Painswick:

Painswick church

Walk – Stroud to Painswick, via Bull’s Cross

Walk  – Painswick to Edge

Painswick Rococo Garden

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