Val Gardena, Dolomites, Italy                 map of Val Gardena           Start of Val Gardena holiday

20th June 2014, day 15                                                            All photos by Hetty

We went by bus to Selva, then up in the new Dantercepies cable car.

S1051255 copy


S1051256 copyLooking down Val GardenaS1051258 copy

There was a cycling event on at the weekend – one of the world’s toughest – so there were lots of cyclists about. They managed to cycle here – 2300m = 7545 feet!S1051262b copy

That is where we started our walk through the City of StonesS1051272 copy

We went to see the view round the other side of the mountain, then returned to the top station and walked down to the middle station.                          Map of walk

S1051277 copy


S1051280 copy

Looking down on Passo Gardena

S1051285 copyS1051265b copy

Back at the top stationS1051288 copy


We walked down to the middle station then took the cable car down againS1051260 copy

S1051303 copy

Looking back upS1051307 copy

That’s Vallunga where we will go next

S1051313 copy


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