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18th June 2015                                                                                                  Photos by Hetty

We used this self-guided walk to look around Margate

Margate Clock Tower, 1887. The red ball is raised and falls at 1pm – it was for sailors to check their clocks at sea.  The street lamps have a dolphin/sturgeon design

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 Margate Sands

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Harbour Arm, 1810-15

S1057982 copyHere was the home of the Grand Old Duke of York, and in the basement were England’s first indoor sea-baths, fed by a channel from the sea

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In the old townS1057986 copy

The Tudor House in King St

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The Droit House where harbour fees were paid

S1057990 copyShell Lady

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Looking back across the now silted up harbour

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In the Winter Gardens

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