La Spezia

Liguria, Italy                  Map of Riviera di Levante, Italy                All photos by Hetty

27th & 29th April 2015                                                                      Introduction to this holiday

It was wet on 27th, so we went by train from Levanto to La Spezia. In the Naval Museum (€ 1.55 each) we particularly liked the model ships, ship figureheads and a section about codes and encryption, starting in ancient Greece and Roman times. Some of the information was in English, and it passed time while it rained outside.

There is a nice park by the promenade, which has a lovely bottle brush tree

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This church was closed

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On 29th we arrived by boat from Portovenere, to catch a train back to Levanto, and saw La Spezia in the sunshine

Palm trees line the promenade

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