Wiltshire                                                                                                               Photos by Hetty

4th August 2020          Avebury World Heritage Site – NT website                  Map of our walk around the ancient site

A walk to see ancient monuments and on part of the Ridge Way

We parked in Avebury then walked out to Silbury Hill, which is 30 metres high and 160 metres wide

Then up to the huge West Kennet Long Barrow – 100m long

Which you can walk inside part of it – I could stand up in there

You can see Silbury Hill from there

On the walk we passed several barrows

This is called the Sactuary. Markers show where wooden poles and stones once stood. We could see the West Kennett Long Barrow from here

Back in Avebury – around the circle of stones, there is a huge bank and ditch, once much higher and deeper

The Avenue

The stones are enormous

The oldest building in the village is the dovecote

Inside the dovecote

The museum in the barn was closed

Part of the grand circle of stones – over 4,000 years old

A thatched pub

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