Avening to Cherington

Gloucestershire                                                            Photos by Hetty

20th October 2017

We parked in Avening






October 2014                                                   

Click here for map of walk    Distance 4 miles        Walk time 2 hours 30 mins

On a lovely morning we parked opposite these houses in Avening and walked to Cherington.

Opposite the bottom of Tetbury Hill, is a Gothic stone memorial to William Fowles  (1835-1896).

We went to look for the ‘Roundabout’ marked on the map – it is a circle of trees:


At the hamlet of Nag’s Head is the former Nag’s Head Inn

It has very fancy decoration – The holes in the carving formed entrances to beehives set between the ceiling and first floor of the old pub.


Where the pub sign used to hang


Reflections in the stream


Cherington pond was dug in the mid 18th century




And reflections in puddles



Lots of berries


Cherington Village Green


Drinking-fountain, 1875





The Drivers Charity Houses were rebuilt in 1829



More berries


Cherington Park


The church of St. Nicholas –  a building started in the 12th century


How do we get through this gate, without letting the horses out?


Back to Nag’s Head


At the bottom of Hampton Hill, Avening


Cross Inn, an 18th century building recorded as an inn since 1856.


Now called Queen Matilda


It was a lovely walk and we saw wonderful reflections

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